Thursday, April 23, 2009



Press Release

President: Mr. Elihue Bonner


Results of schedule matches played 18th April, 2009 in the Harrison Parks Belize District Cricket Competition.

Schedule matches:

·         Bright Star of Sand Hill Village Vs. Brilliant of Crooked Tree Village

·         Reggae Boyz  of Scotland Half Moon Vs. Unfinished Business of Biscayne Village 

·         Sunrise of Lords Bank Village  (Rest)

Ø  Brilliant of Crooked Tree Village defeated Bright Star of Sand Hill Village with six (6) wicket spare, Bright Star all out at one hundred runs (100)Landis Wade top score with forty two (42) runs, Lawrence Banner (captain) with twenty eight (28) runs not out, R. Conorque with fourteen (14) runs, S. Smith six (6) runs not out, A. Anthony six (6) runs, A. Tillett one (1) runs for best bats. Best bowler Landis Wade took four wickets (4)


Ø  Bright Star Gliksten Bennett top scored with thirty (30) runs all out, A. Vaccero with seventeen (17) runs, Andy Vaccero with fourteen (14) runs, Joseph and Samuel Suckhnandan with three (3) runs each and Elihue Bonner with two (2) runs. Best bowler Gliksten Bennett took two (2) wickets and Elihue Bonner Bowled eight (8) over and took two (2) wickets with fifteen (15) runs scored.

uUnfinished Business defeated Reggae Boys all our with fifty six (56) A. Chavez top scored twenty two runs (22) runs, W. Bradley with nine (9) runs. Myvette with five (5) runs. Best bowler, Allwin Dawson took four (4) wickets and C. Chavez took three (3) wickets.


Ø  Reggae Boyz, David Moody top scored with fourteen (14) runs, Kyle Lewis with six (6) runs, Ian McFadzen with six (6) runs for best bats. Best bowlers Jian  McFadzen took Seven (7) wickets and Elvis Moody took two (2) wickets.

Ø  Matches schedule for this weekend April 25th 2009 is as follows:

 1.     Brilliant Vs. Unfinished Business in Biscayne Village

2.      Sunrise Vs. Reggae Boyz in Scotland Half Moon Village

3.      Bright Star (rest)


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