Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Environmental Project Competition for Primary School in Belize

The Department of the Environment, within the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, is having a competition on environmental projects for primary schools. Primary schools are invited to submit a proposal on a project that is environmentally-based and that they want to implement for their school. They will be required to submit a proposal detailing what the project is all about, how the school came up with the idea, what the students are required to do, what are the environmental (and otherwise) benefits of the project, the timeframe of the project, and its budget. The competition is geared towards providing students the opportunity to learn about their environment, be actively involved in its conservation and protection, and experience team work. It can also stimulate an interest in environmental issues affecting them and facilitate continuity of the benefits derived from the project. The Department of the Environment is interested in finding out what schools are presently doing to improve their environment, what environmental issues they are interested in, and would like to work with schools across the country to help educate our youth about their environment. Prizes for winning project proposals include partial funding of the project, desktop computer and an encyclopedia set. Deadline for submissions is January 30, 2009.

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