Monday, December 1, 2008

NBC “TODAY” live in Belize

Nov. 21, 2008

NBC “Today” morning magazine show, seen by millions of people in the US and around the world is in Belize for two days this week, Nov. 17th and 18th. They are in Belize as a part of their “Ends of the Earth” series to highlight the effects of pollution, overcrowding and Global Warming on sensitive eco-systems from four corners of our planet. Four reporters broadcast live from these ecologically sensitive areas to show us the war being fought by researchers and governments against global warming.

NBC dispatched Matt Lauer to The Blue Hole and the barrier reef in Belize, Ann Curry to the melting snows of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in Africa, Al Roker to Iceland, and Meredith Viera to The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
Global warming has been attributed to greenhouse gases being released into the Earth’s atmosphere. Researchers in these sensitive areas hope their work will educate the public to change their lifestyle by protecting the reefs and rainforest around the world.

Belize’s Barrier Reef, the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, is vital to Belize in protecting the costal and low-lying areas from hurricanes, as well as bringing in much needed tourism dollars. The reef is also home to millions of marine life and is in danger of being damaged by the warming of the Ocean’s temperature. Mr. Lauer also broadcasted live form the Blue Hole, an atoll in Lighthouse Reef. The Blue Hole is a circular limestone sinkhole with a system of unique underwater caves plummeting over four hundred feet, with stalactites and rock formation that is usually seen only on dry land. In the late 1960’s the great oceanographer, ecologist and explorer, Jacques Cousteau, explored the caves with his mini-sub and was the subject of a television documentary. Mr. Cousteau called the Blue Hole “one of the four “MUST-DIVES” on our planet.

This is a positive look at Belize that the government hopes will help show the country in a different light, instead of the gang infested place portrayed by British documentary film maker Ross Kemp.


sunshine said...

I consider that your new blog as an important initiative. A village perspective on current events! Indeed we live in a global Village and the jury is still out on how local folks reacted to the NBC profile. I suspect Ross Kemp's audience may be different from NBC's but then again all info in the village is accessable.

Anonymous said...

I am very please with the idea that you create your own blog. the Belizeans will be too about this blog site where we could share our idea with the world.. NBC did a great thing to show the world that something is wrong and we need to fix it as soon as possible..Its not only the big country is feeling the effect of global warming but also the small country such as Belize. This is a great thing that you are doing you have my support.....much love

Sam Flowers said...

I love what NBC did to show the world that the big countries just don't care about small country like Belize. Global warming is effecting the world but the big giants see$$$$$greed is the bottom line. What do we need to do to fix this problem.....

bathmate said...

Thanks for your lovely posting. I really enjoyed it.

Linda Crawford said...

Bathmate, thanks for visiting and hope to see you back here again.

All the best!!