Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Be Safe From Terror in A Hotel

Cheverny Hotel Paris- 7 Villa Berthier Paris, France (small and cozy)

With an increasingly unsafe world, it seems as if though people are getting weary about travel and staying in large hotels.

According to Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic, there are a number of precautions you can take when travelling and staying in a hotel to stay alive. Here are six ways to minimize your chances of dying in a hotel besieged by terrorists.

1. Avoid big hotels- Terrorists tend not to waste time on small targets.

2. Order room service whenever possible- The lobby is the most dangerous place in a hotel because they are entirely unsecure.

3. Reserve a room on the first to the fifth floor- Try to be high enough to escape whatever chaos might occur on the ground floor. It’s not a bad idea to stay on a floor close enough to the ground that a jump will leave you with just a broken leg.

4. Make two plans the moment you arrive in your room- Figure out how you will escape and how you are going to survive a siege. If escape isn’t an option, figure out how to fortify your room. Fill your bathtub with water (if there’s one) with water; it may come in handy if there’s a fire outside your door. Always travel with a small flashlight, small utility knife (if you can sneak pass TSA) matches and a few energy bars. Know where your shoes, passport and money are at all times.

5. Set up signs- Before you leave your room for the day, place certain items discreetly so you can know if someone has tampered with them.

6. If you have to stay in a large hotel, stay in one that has already been bombed or attacked by terrorists, they are more security conscious.

We cannot let humanity be defeated by terror, but if you are nervous about vacationing in Europe, Asia or the Middle East, you can always spend your vacation in Belize.

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