Saturday, November 15, 2008

What is Frightening About Sarah Palin

September 22, 2008

I understand that millions of Americans are crying for someone to stand up and say some of the things that Sarah Palin has been telling us.

I know that millions of Americans are fed up with big govt, dependence on foreign oil, a worsening economic crisis, political correctness and a host of other wrongs.

The problem is that Sarah Palin is asking millions of Americans to put her first in line for the most important position in humankind. I understand that many Americans are stimulated by a vibrant, independent woman addressing the nation on the condemnation of gun control and abortion. It is true that many have been waiting years for someone to take on the waste in Washington DC.

After listening to the ABC interview in which she was asked about the Bush Doctrine, the problem is that she was clearly not acquainted with the doctrine. Millions of Americans are not acquainted with the "BD". The Doctrine, along with the other National Security information that it contains, is clearly not a one sentence, easy to digest formula. Unfortunately, the best Sarah Palin could muster up was only one sentence.

This is the doctrine that has had Americans fighting and dying in Iraq for more than 5 years now and the same doctrine that will serve as a guide if there is to be a war in Iran.

The problem is that John McCain, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have spent years studying the doctrine. Sarah Palin has not, yet she was quick to accept the offer of being placed on the national ticket without the "blinking of an eye". In her own words: " I didn't even blink when asked to run as John McCain's running mate"

I personally did not think that the question posed to her about the doctrine was a trick designed to make her look bad. It is a summary that has guided American foreign and military policy since September 11, 2001. It is an explanation for sending Americans into harms way.

Even I, a non American citizen, knew more that one sentence about the Bush Doctrine, in contrast to Sarah Palin. To me this is a serious cause for concern.

I have lived and traveled abroad for many years and I don't think this selection of Sarah Palin, whose credentials on foreign policy and the military are lacking, would have happened in Europe or any other developed world power.

Voters in America should make it their business to know the ins and outs of the major issues in this presidential campaign and not to treat it as a game or a big spectacular reality show. It should be treated as a matter of life and death!

My friends, you have little time to make a decision. It seems as if we have been hearing about the agendas of both Barack Obama and John McCain for what seems like forever. Joe Biden has been a national figure for decades. But, you now have less than 45 days to learn about Sarah Palin.

George Bush was given more than 7 years to prove himself a leader. We all know that he has failed miserably.

Here is what I think that is truly the most frightening issue at stake in this election-- The United States is in danger of electing yet another president that could lead this nation from the first world to the third if you do not go out and vote for Obama-Biden.

Linda Crawford

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