Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tears for Grandma Toot

President Barack Obama:

Nov. 4th, 2008

It is essential that Americans go to the ballot box and elect Sen. Barack Obama as president today.
There are many reasons why I believe electing Sen. Obama will end a dark period in American history. Obama's ability to get us past the culture war has been proven again and again in his campaign for presidency. I believe the generation now coming of age will come out in staggering numbers today to elect him. Sen. Obama, if elected, will restore unity and confidence in the American people, and will again lead the US on a path that the world will respect again.

Look at the damage that Bush/Cheney created. It is indisputable that the Bush/Cheney administration engaged in an illegal war after 9/11, declaring themselves above the law in their mission to rid the world of evil. They claim the right to seize anyone, citizen or not, they judge an "enemy combatant" to hold them indefinitely without trial and to torture them until they become broken humans, if they survive. They did this to the guilty and the innocent. They seized countless individuals without trials or hearings. Dozens are believed to be tortured to death and many more subjected to the worst torture techniques. Some of these techniques were used by totalitarian regimes and even the Gestapo. They did things no American president was ever suspected of doing. They withdrew the US, (secretly) from the Geneva Conventions, tapped America's phones (soldiers in Iraq, journalists) without warrants, and set up secret prisons in former Soviet bloc countries and randomly grabbed their victims.

Bush/Cheney single-handedly damaged America's reputation in the minds of the vast majority of people in the Western world, the developing world, and millions of Muslims across the Middle East and Africa, who now believes that America is not any better that their totalitarian regimes. They severely damaged America's intelligence services, creating phony intelligence to justify the war in Iraq. (Remember Sec. Powell's elaborate demonstration at the UN?) A country they knew had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. There have been only one successful prosecution in Guantanamo and the many guilty ones will escape justice because torture has tainted the process beyond repair.
Sen. Barack Obama will have a humongous task (if he wins, and I'm cautiously optimistic) to restore the US standings in the world. Unlike McCain, Obama never wavered on torture. I believe his deep understanding of the constitution surpasses McCain's. He will restore confidence and trust in the American constitution. He will force the Democratic Party to take responsibility for a war that never should have happened. I don't even know or understand how he will be able to get out of Iraq in his first term (if he is elected). I do not trust Bush/Cheney; I believe they have some secret plans to make withdrawal from Iraq difficult, if not impossible.

The truth is, if and when, Sen. Obama enters the Oval Office, there will be a dirty bag of laundry waiting to greet him at the door. Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey (their problem with Iraq), Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Zimbabwe, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Venezuela and all of Latin America. We are really in a war for the future of humanity. How can America preach the values of democracy, when we trash our own values? Can America be a beacon to the world again?

So many questions for the man that will take over the reins. We need a new start; a new direction for America that the world once knew and loved. It will not be easy for the fellow with the big ears and strange name. He will restore hope for the new generation; will bring out the best, brightest and sanest.
Remember this; He is human. He is flawed. He will make mistakes. There is something supreme about Barack Obama. The world needs a "Barack Obama"! Believe in hope! Get ready! Today will be a day to remember!


Linda Crawford

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