Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gang Violence in Belize

September 24, 2008

This is a must see!! There are 5 segments, start with 1 of 5. Unbelievable! The grenade segment happened after we left the reunion in Belize.

A lot of folks living in Belize are saying it's a great distortion of the facts. I know that there is a big problem of drugs and gang violence in Belize but I was not aware of the severity as presented by this documentary.

It could be that this reporter is very biased, but in any case it will do our country tremendous harm, especially in the tourism industry. The people who participated in this documentary, did not use sound judgment and are all claiming that only the sinister portions of their interviews formed the documentary. This could be exploitation of the poor and ignorant who wanted their moment of fame on TV.

Linda Crawford







Anonymous said...

as a kid growing up in belize i remember a place with loving people great fun and a place that gave me the idea of paradise(well my idea of paradise). now i live in chicago and the emotion that come over me is fear when i watch the news(on the internet)hear stories from my family there and even stories from recent belizeans that visited. like my friend told me she was so scared to walk the streets after it was dark. so is this documentary really exploiting bze or closer to the truth than we want to admit? it might hinder our tourism but we need to do something to protect the future of our beautiful country and this might be a start global recognition of the problem.

Sam Flowers said...

like tasha x said it was a fun place to be back in those time, time has change like the world has change....All the violence that is shown on tv make it very hard for the third world countries youth they try to emulate what they see, and the deportees take back their bad habit to belize and teach the youths how to do these crimes...The new government needs to take a grip on things before it get out of hand and that is it for our tourist industry.
I just return from Belize about 2 weeks and it very bad the youths hang out all night on the street corner, no jobs, the police they are on the take and unprofessional...Belize need to be police by an out side force.
Belizeans we need to take care of this problem and put our foot down and take back our country from those thugs...