Thursday, November 27, 2008

Saving the Best for Last

Oct. 16th, 2008

Sen. McCain came out swinging and looked a lot like a boxer, swinging wildly in every direction, hoping to score some punches. Sen. Obama, as usual looked very confident, on the defensive, and advancing his plans.

Sen. McCain accused Sen.Obama of loving taxes, befriending terrorists, opposing free trade, being an ignoramus regarding South America, and even being just too darn mean and nasty in the campaign.

At times, it looked desperate, eyes rolling and lips puckering. But hey, that pretty much summed up McCain's campaign heading into this debate. He's been down in the polls, by double digits in some states, and he needed desperately to make something happen. One thing he did accomplish is keeping Obama on the defensive.

That said, I think Sen.Obama handled everything with ease, rarely looking upset or flustered, continuing to reach out to the voters, especially the undecided that are worried about everything from the economy to Health Care. Sen. Obama's performance spoke to those undecided voters looking for a steady hand to navigate through our sea of troubles.

This was McCain's best debate, but he started to fade when he began complaining about being unfairly attacked, and asking for an apology from the guy sitting next to him, who has been called a terrorist and a Muslim. He even told us a story about a guy that would have his money taken away, only to have Sen. Obama distribute it to other people. "Joe the Plumber". Rotten, dirty Obama, what on earth did Plumber Joe ever do to you? At least, that was how Sen. McCain wanted the viewers to think.

Sen. Obama kept his cool, (those brilliant smiles), reiterating that his plan would cut taxes for 95% of working families. He even went a step further, saying that independent groups have decided that his plan will provide triple the tax relief that McCain's would for the middle class. McCain again never mentioned the middle class, not once!

On the question of the budget deficit, Sen. Obama said he would take a line-by-line approach, and I like the way he stressed that the record deficit was racked up by President Bush, a Republican Congress, and three out of four approval votes by from Sen.McCain. McCain responded that if Obama wanted to run against Pres. Bush he should have run in 2004 (his best line of the night). McCain vowed to use a "a hatchet" on deficit and spending.

Well, he finally did it, he dropped the Ayers bomb, (that WARSHED-up terrorist) and even tried to quote Hillary Clinton. Sen.Obama did a thorough job repudiating Ayers radical background, and rattled off a list of Republicans who were also on the non-profit board in Chicago with Ayers. I think if a mass of voters could be swayed by guilt-by-association, they would have already done so after the Rev. Wright rage. I think that the majority of Americans don't give a darn about old connections. The number one issue is the economy!
Is it just me, or did you notice how McCain has scaled back his use of "my friends" ? Sen.McCain saved his best for last but in my opinion, it's too late.

Linda Crawford

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